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Our FastFwd™ hiring system combines AI and expert marketers to minimize the time, cost, and risk of the hiring process for marketing leaders seeking the best talent for their unique needs.

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We ensure your next hire has the exact expertise and guidance necessary to ramp up quickly and deliver long-term results. Our specialized solutions are designed and delivered by expert marketers, empowered by AI to streamline and enhance your hiring and onboarding processes. We de-risk the hiring process while saving you time and money, whether you use external recruiters or do it in-house.

What We Do

Vet the Candidates

We sift through applications, curate your top matches, serve up vital insights, and do screening calls with top candidates, all at a fraction of standard recruitment fees. 

Test Potential Hires

We reduce your risk when hiring for highly skilled and specialized Marketing roles by developing and delivering rigorous skills tests customized for your needs.

Build the Process

Our marketing experts set up your new hire for success by starting out with clearly defined and documented roles, responsibilities and processes.

Set Up Reporting

We help you eliminate ambiguity from the start by providing new hires a pre-defined reporting dashboard mapped precisely to their role.

Source Temp Talent

We can help mitigate pressure to hire quickly and compromise quality by bringing in the temporary talent you need to keep the wheels on.

Pick and Choose

Starting at $449

It’s simple – select whichever combination of fixed-price services works for you. No retainers, long-term contracts or commitments.

What You Get

A Shortlist of Screened Candidates

We review and score all candidates and provide an analysis of each one based on the role. We then provide you a shortlist with a detailed rationale, notes and analysis from 1-1 screening calls and a candidate-specific interview guide to make interview prep a breeze, and ensure you are asking all the right questions.

Skills Report

We provide marketing-specific skills testing based on the requirements of the job description. Our vetting process gives you confidence that your new hire is equipped to thrive in their new role.

Standard Operating Procedures

We deliver in-depth Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for key responsibilities of your new hire. This eliminates ambiguity and sets them up for a quick and painless onboarding.

Role Reporting Framework

We set your new hire up with a well-defined reporting scorecard and process  from day-one.  An important prerequisite for effective onboarding and long-term success. 

Help With Urgent Projects

On average it takes 50 days to recruit a new marketing employee. We understand you have deadlines to meet, and our large network of fully-vetted marketing specialists can help you keep the wheels on in the meantime, allowing you the time you need to find your next star hire.

Do away with the stress and risk that usually comes with hiring

We are laser-focused on improving the job placement process for marketing leaders building exceptional teams. Our solutions are designed to eliminate the risk, uncertainty and time pressure associated with hiring marketing staff. We maximize the possibility of a great hire and ongoing exceptional performance by bringing structure and rigor to the most ambiguous parts of the marketing recruitment process.

Avg. Recruiter Fees per Marketing Hire

Avg. Days to Recruit a New Marketing Employee


Annual Turnover Rate for Marketing Specialists

Skyrocketing Marketing Complexity

As marketing platforms, processes and technologies grow in numbers and complexity, the range of specialized expertise required for marketing success is skyrocketing. No single manager has the specialized knowledge to effectively evaluate the skill and expertise of the full range of functions necessary for a modern marketing team. We provide the tools you need for greater comfort and certainty at every step of the evaluation, hiring and onboarding process.

A fresh take on an old problem

Who We Are

Advancemint is a platform that combines our proprietary technology with the expertise of a diverse network of seasoned marketing professionals from virtually all domains. We are specialists, focused on reinventing the way marketing professionals are vetted, hired and onboarded. Our system is designed to enhance your existing process and free up more of your time whether you use external recruiters or do it in-house.

What We Do

We develop a custom solution based on your specific hiring needs for each position.  This ensures you get the level of expert knowledge required to effectively assess and onboard the highly skilled, and often highly specialized, candidates any top performing marketing  team now requires.  Our unique approach unearths the “A players” and  gets them started with the precise structure and tools they require for long-term success in the role.

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