Brand Manager Job Description Template

The Brand Manager Job Description Template Template

The Brand Manager Job Description Template is a tool to help you quickly and easily create a comprehensive and effective Brand Manager job posting that will attract highly qualified candidates. Customize the responsibilities and requirements based on the marketing needs of your organization. You can also let our marketing recruitment experts do it for you as part of a customized hiring assistance package.

Overview of a Brand Manager’s Role


Developing and executing strategic approaches that define and reflect the company’s mission, vision, and values to build the company’s brand.


Implementing practices and initiatives that articulate and enforce brand attributes and guidelines to increase the company’s brand equity and build its reputation amongst key audiences.


Ensuring that the content produced by a company or product is consistently aligned with it’s brand guidelines. 


Contributing to the strategic promotion of the company or product’s brand using tactics that reach and engage its target audience and communicate its core ideas.

Media Mix

Determining the most effective mix of marketing channels to maximize brand awareness amongst key audiences.

Responsibilities: Section 1 – Brand Manager Job Description Template

If you’re an experienced brand manager with a proven track record devising creative strategies and tactics to raise brand awareness, increase engagement and drive sales, we should talk. We’re looking for a brand expert who is able to identify what makes our company and products unique and valuable, and communicate it to our internal and external audiences.

Your work to distill, articulate and promote our brand will contribute significantly to our larger business strategy and objectives. You will need to be comfortable working closely with cross-functional teams to create and execute marketing initiatives that identify, reach and engage our target audiences, and ultimately drive sales. You will also be tasked with conducting market research, developing budgets, measuring brand performance, forecasting customer acquisition, and reporting on ROI.

This position offers the option to work remotely or from our corporate headquarters.

Responsibilities: Section 2 – Brand Manager Job Description Template

  • Provide strategic input into the development and communication of the company’s mission, vision, and values. 
  • Manage the development of the brand strategy and roll it out both internally and externally.
  • Research and analyze consumer behavior, market trends, and competitor activity.
  • Develop, deploy and enforce guidelines around attributes such as positioning, visual identity, and messaging to ensure communications accurately reflect the essence of the brand.  
  • Work with multidisciplinary teams to develop and deploy strategic content that is aligned with the brand and the company’s marketing objectives. 
  • Ensure that high-quality brand assets are developed and accessible for various marketing initiatives.
  • Assist with the strategic development and implementation of initiatives aimed at reaching and engaging target audiences to build brand awareness and generate top-of-funnel leads. 
  • Identify and activate marketing channels required to achieve strategic objectives.

Requirements: Section 3 – Brand Manager Job Description Template

  • Proven brand management experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop successful strategies that have a measurable impact on business objectives.
  • Expert understanding of the art and science of branding.
  • An ability to manage cross-functional creative teams.
  • Demonstrated success developing and implementing content strategies across multiple channels, both online and offline.
  • A media-centric mindset and a passion for storytelling.
  • A Demonstrated experience identifying key audiences and developing innovative multi-channel approaches to attracting, engaging and converting prospects. 
  • Proven ability to apply both analytical and creative approaches to achieve business objectives.
  • A well-developed aesthetic and visual communication sense.
  • Strong written communication skills. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field