Marketing Manager Job Description Template

The Marketing Manager Job Description Template.

The Marketing Manager Job Description Template is a tool to help you quickly and easily create a comprehensive and effective Marketing Manager job posting that will attract highly qualified candidates. Customize the responsibilities and requirements based on the marketing needs of your organization. You can also let our marketing recruitment experts do it for you as part of a customized hiring assistance package.


Overview of a Marketing Manager’s Role


Developing and executing strategic approaches that improve the company’s ability to attract, engage and convert qualified prospects.


Implementing practices and initiatives that enhance the company’s brand and reputation amongst key audiences.


Developing and deploying high-quality content for key audiences.


Contributing to the strategic development and promotion of the company’s key products and services.

Media Mix

Determining the most effective mix of marketing channels to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

Job Brief: Section 1 – Marketing Manager Job Description Template


If you’re an expert marketer with a passion for your craft, and the desire to continue pushing the limits of your expertise and experience, we should talk. We’re looking for a skilled and creative marketer who will advance our Marketing efforts to drive our business strategy in impactful and measurable ways.

The responsibilities of the Marketing manager include the deployment, monitoring, and analysis of advertising efforts, managing the marketing budget and ensuring that all marketing content is aligned with our brand identity. For success in this role, you will need experience working with traditional and digital advertising media to turn creative ideas into strategic advertising efforts across multiple channels. You will also need to be adept at using marketing analytics and report tools to demonstrate the impact of marketing activities on company objectives.  

This position offers the option to work remotely or from our corporate headquarters.

Responsibilities: Section 2 – Marketing Manager Job Description Template

  • Initiate strategies and tactics to identify and engage our target audiences and drive qualified traffic 
  • Implement successful marketing campaigns and manage their deployment from concept to completion
  • Experiment with a variety of customer acquisition channels including paid, earned and owned media 
  • Produce high-quality website and blog content that drives engagement with our target audiences and generates qualified leads
  • Nurture strategic relationships with key industry players, marketing agencies and service providers
  • Prepare and monitor the marketing budget and allocate funds appropriately
  • Produce and manage marketing collateral for print and digital distribution
  • Track, measure, and report on the performance of marketing initiatives as they relate to larger company goals and objectives
  • Monitor consumer behavior and provide insights to inform company-wide strategic initiatives

Requirements: Section 3 – Marketing Manager Job Description Template

  • Proven experience in the field of marketing
  • A commitment to ongoing learning and professional development
  • Demonstrated experience identifying key audiences and developing innovative multi-channel approaches to attracting, engaging and converting prospects 
  • Good knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Heap, Mix Panel)
  • Experience creating and managing Google Adwords campaigns
  • Proficient in the gathering and analysis of data, tracking and reporting on metrics, and the use of spreadsheets
  • A well-developed aesthetic and visual communication sense
  • Strong written communication skills and a knack for adapting copy to the target audience
  • Ahead of the curve on digital marketing trends, technologies and tactics 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field